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Wrong neighborhood

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Nature unleashed

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Quiet river

As I said on the last post, I was going to show you my boyfriend´s illustrations

Inspired on our town, Orihuela. The drawings really take a lot of work to do, all those little lines! I still don´t know how he hasn´t lost his mind yet... I would!

Don´t you think they´re cute?
Me and Fran hope you like them^^.

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Moda dijo...

Molto suggestive questi disegni. Kiss

Caroline Topperman dijo...

Wow those illustrations are amazing!

Genia Antonian dijo...

Such a lovely blog! I love your photo's, keep the good work up!


Mai dijo...


Lydia Teo dijo...

OMG, you are such a good artist! These are fantastic!

Bee Tee dijo...

Wow he is really talented!


SLB * dijo...


ELISA dijo...

Hey babe, since we are already following with GFC, what about also following each other on Bloglovin'?
Let me know!

Aminta Paiz dijo...

Jope que artista!! Me encantan... dale la enhorabuena de mi parte :D